Logroño Programme Weekend

The weekend programme is an express course, but perfect for taking away a personal memory of your stay in the city.


In the morning: We meet at a certain point in the city at 10am.
We will draw in parts of the city selected for their visual qualities. Each day will be in a different location.
All of the work will be done outside, in front of the motif. We have also chosen our sites so that we can be in the most comfortable conditions possible, perfectly suited to drawing.
If it rains, we have covered areas reserved. These have also been selected for their views and beauty, which are perfect for drawing. We finish at 1pm.


In the morning: We meet at 10am by the doors to the old wineries of La Rioja on the Banks of the river Ebro.


Equipment to bring with you on the course (it is important that this is as light as possible).


  • 1 small, light, foldable chair (e.g. a camping chair)
  • 1 HB, 2B and 4B pencil
  • 1 sharpener or cutter
  • 1 normal rubber eraser and 1 kneadable eraser
  • 1 small ruler
  • 1 notepad for drawing (A4 21×30 or maximum recommended A3 30 x 42 cm)
  • Drawing clips
  • Clothes for painting in, cloth for cleaning brushes
  • 1 sun hat and sunglasses


Each student will choose the technique that they prefer (except oil painting, for practical reasons). The following are recommended: Watercolour, pastels, charcoal, felt tip markers, coloured pencils, wax crayons.


  • Weekend of 27th and 28th May – Museum
  • Weekend of 3th and 4th June – Winery
  • Weekend of 10th and 11th June – Museum
  • Weekend of 17th and 18th June – Winery


Drawing and painting course: 80 €