Begoña Sainz de Murieta

The Teacher

Begoña Sainz de Murieta: I am a graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience in the world of design.

I have combined my work as a designer with my passion for artistic drawing, particularly life drawing.

I love the historical avant-gardes but never lose sight of contemporary art trends. After training with sketchers in the city and after two drawing and painting trips to Paris, this project was born. It combines ‘my love for drawing with the pleasure of meeting new people who have a curiosity about culture and art, and a desire to spend a few days doing something unforgettable during their time in La Rioja.’

Career and awards

I have a joint degree in design. I began my professional career in the world of graphic design and advertising in Barcelona at the end of the eighties. For the last few years I have been working in Logroño, the city where I now live.
Drawing has always accompanied me throughout my life and I think it is a marvellous way of expressing the reality that you see and what you perceive. I took part in two drawing courses in Paris, the ‘Stage de Dessin Peinture Aquarelle en plein air dans Paris’ (‘Open air drawing, painting and watercolour course in Paris’) in 2013 and ‘Drawing in the Museum of the Louvre’ in 2014.

First Prize poster design for the 1994 Rioja Harvest Festival
Third Prize poster design for the 2016 Rioja Harvest Festival
Second Prize poster design for the Workers’ Union, CCOO, in Nalón (Asturias), 2010
First Prize logo design for the Association of Drawing Teachers in La Rioja, 2011
First Prize poster design for the Logroño City Council Carnival, 2011