Tourism and Drawing workshops in La Rioja, invite you to explore the city from a different perspective, through arts education, enjoying and discovering its unique corners. These courses are an alternative way to enjoy sightseeing in the capital of La Rioja.


  • Learn to see and observe through drawing and painting.
  • Develop the inner creativity of each student.
  • Enjoy a relaxing stay of tourism and art and meet a group of diverse people joined by their love of art.
  • Use your holidays to create a very personal experience with unique memories.
  • La Rioja - Camino Santiago
  • La Rioja - Casco Viejo
  • La Rioja - Revellín
  • La Rioja - Caminantes
  • La Rioja - Camino Santiago
  • La Rioja - Portales
  • La Rioja - Boamistura
  • La Rioja - Calle Mayor
  • La Rioja - Revellín
  • La Rioja - Catedral


For the drawing and painting classes, we will visit the historical Revellin walls, the bustling Plaza del Mercado (Market Square) or the emblematic Ebro River.
Logroño is a small and welcoming city, easy to get around; with its  unique character it is much more than the capital of Rioja wine.


Tourism and Drawing workshops in La Rioja are adapted to all levels.
Previous experience is not necessary , all that you need is the desire to learn and spend your holidays differently.
Tourism the artistic way.
Teaching is adapted to each student, groups are limited to a maximum of 12 students each.
Study drawing, colour and painting through the observation and reproduction of Logroño’s authentic charm.


La composición
Composition is a fundamental part of a picture.
– How to organise empty and filled spaces.
– Dividing space when positioning the picture.
– How to calculate proportions.


El color
– The colour spectrum.
Creating sensations through colour.
Harmony and contrast.
Tonal variations: lights and darks, two-tones, complementary colours, intensities.


El dibujo
Layout of the different elements which make up the picture.
– Balance between light and shade.
– Positioning elements of the picture.
– Lines and strokes.


Los efectos
– Creating an atmosphere.
– Sky, reflection and tree effects.
– Blurring and feathering effects.